Ministries & Volunteering

To the left you can find a list of some of the various groups and ministries that operate in our parishes of St Francis and St Joseph.

We understand that we all live busy lives but we are not called to a life of busy-ness. We are called to a life where we discover the signs of God's kingdom growing in our hearts and in the world. We are called to see Christ in ourselves, our neighbour and the stranger.

We are made in God's image to be a steward in God's world.  God has entrusted all creation and everything we possess to us. These gifts include our time, our talents and abilities, and our material resources.

Stewardship asks us to use our gifts as an expression of our Catholic faith in everything that we do. It also means being involved in building community both here in the parish and the wider world. A community where all feel they belong. Where all are part of God's loving family.

We invite you to prayerfully reflect on your own gifts and consider offering to share these gifts with others. The opportunities are unlimited. We are confident that you will discover many areas where your gifts can be shared with others; and the rewards you will receive, not only in discovering new friends, but also in God's graces, will be plentiful.

We need volunteers for  Albert Court, Cana Communities, Open Church and many more....

Please look at the list on the left for further information.

Please ring 93314043 or go to our Contact Page.