Cana Communities

CanaCana Communities is mostly run by volunteers, and is solely reliant on donations from the community.  Cana Communities receives no government funding, and is grateful for your support.

Cana runs crisis shelters and offers hospitality to those on the streets, those recently released from prison and those feeling lonely and forgotten. It coordinates a farm at Orchard Hills which is a centre for training people from disadvantages backgounds. 

St Francis & St Joseph Parishes Involvement

Parishioners help Cana Communities by organising meals at de Porres House on a regular roster. The Franciscans celebrate Eucharist in the Cana Community homes. Call the Parish Office to be involved.

Cana needs you!


Other Opportunities

Teresa House      Overnight shelter for men and women in Cleveland St.

de Porres House  A Place of hospitality and a home for men and women.
Flinders St.  Darlinghurst

Garden Shelter    An overnight emergency shelter. Raglan St. Waterloo

Cana Farm          A training centre and a place for building community. Orchard Hills

Nagle House        A home for women in need. Flinders St. Darlinghurst

Prison Visits & Mentoring for people released from prison