Franciscan Missions - PNG

PNG4The Australian Franciscans went to Papua New Guinea in 1946. They were invited by the Church to minister to the people of Aitepe in the north east of the country. The friars built on the work of the Divine Word Missionaires in the area.

The original friars to PNG were like explorers: They walked by foot from villiage to village; They paddled in canoes; They crosses flooded rivers to establis the Church in the PNG. In someplaces it was the first time native people had met a white person.

One of the early Australian friars Ignatius Doggert became bishop of Aitepe. Brian Barnes later became Archbishop of Port Moresby and Austin Crapp bishop in Aitepe. 

In 1950s the mission became more international. Initially Italian friars who had been expelled from China came to support the Australian friars. They were followed in the 80s by friars from the USA. In the 90s friars from Poland, including our Fr Piotr, joined the mission.

PNG5In Port Moresby the Franciscans run a ministry to those who have AIDS. The friars continue to work in Aitepe, West New Britain and provide some support to the Soloman Islands. The Franciscan were on the spot when a large tsunami hit the Aitepe coast and were involved in the redevelopment of the area.

Today the PNG Franciscans are an established Custody in their own right. Most of the friars are PNG nationals. Only two Australian friars work in PNG now but the Australian Province continues to fraternally support our neighbour.

Ask Fr Piotr & Fr Brian about their experiences in PNG and other friars about their missionary experiences.

Mission is not done "over there" but starts at home amongst our family and friends. It is the call to welcome everyone into God's love by our words and deeds.

We ask for your prayers and support for our Franciscan brothers and sisters in Papua New Guinea.

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