House of Welcome

HoWPhone: (02) 9727 9290  197 The Trongate, Granville NSW 2142.

The House of Welcome works with asylum seekers who live in the community whilst they are awaiting the outcome of their protection visa application.  We also support our clients in their initial settlement and transition into Australian life once they have been granted their protection visas and recognised as refugees. The House of Welcome is the largest housing provider of transitional accommodation for asylum seekers and refugees in NSW.

HoW2The HoW often supports those most in need, those who are not eligible for any housing, financial or medical support, those at greatest risk of destitution. The HoW also supports the settlement and empowerment of its clients so that they can join the local community with a sense of pride and dignity.


 The House of Welcome is located at Carramar, one stop on the railway line from the Immigation Detention Centre at Villawood. Your skills and simply being there could help a person find a welcoming home. The House of Welcome needs volunteers!

HoW3People from all over the world walk through the doors of the House of Welcome. We are currently working with families and individuals from Ethiopia, North Korea, Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Iran, Sri Lanka, Democratic Republic of Congo, Fiji, China, Nigeria, Columbia and Iraq to name just a few.

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Further information:the House of Welcome website.

The House of Welcome is part of St Francis Social Services.



Services include:

HoW 'Safe Place' Transitional Housing – preventing destitution and homelessness

HoW 'Community Living & Family Support' – supporting independence through basic living allowances & food parcels

HoW 'Emergency Assistance' Program – reducing impacts of unexpected shocksHoW 'Empowerment Loan' Program – providng small flexible, no-interst loans for education, employment & housing

HoW 'Volunteer Visit' Program – creating links in the community, providing emotional support & breaking isolationHoW 'Drop-in' Centre – providing case work, legal & medical referral, client advocacy as well as English & computer lessons, respite days, employment & housing support and a friendly welcome

HoW 'Skills Development & Community Connections' Activities – According to the needs of our clients, volunteers run English, Computer and Sewing classes, provide employment support, local orientation, accompaniement to appointments and they run regular social activities across Sydney