Our Priests and Staff

Our Priests

The parishes of St Francis of Assisi and St Joseph are served by:

 Fr Paul Ghanem ofm, Fr Piotr Rzucidlo ofm and Fr Francisco Basnayake ofm

Fr Paul Ghanem OFM
Fr Paul Ghanem ofm   Parish Priest

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  Fr Piotr Rzucidlo ofm    Assistant Priest



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 Fr Francisco Basnayake ofm   Assistant Priest

Fr Paul, Fr Piotr and Fr Francisco, along with Fr Pax Scarf ofm, Fr Phil Miscamble ofm,
Br David Leary ofm and Fr Joe Lu make up the Franciscan communities at our friaries in
Edgecliff and Paddington. 


Our Parish Staff



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Enza Sinapi

Enza is our Administration Assistant and is in the office on
Tuesdays providing administrative support including
answering phones, updating our website and maintaining
our database and coordinating our children's liturgy program.

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Tim Sheil

Tim is our Pastoral and Administration Co-ordinator and is in
the office Thursday to Monday. Tim assists the friars with
the administration and pastoral work of the parishes.

You can reach Enza and Tim on the parish office number
(02) 9331 4043 or by email at
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Noel Debien

Noel Debien    

Noel is our Music Director at St Francis of Assisi Paddington