The Franciscans


The Parishes of St Francis and St Joseph are under the care of the Franciscan Friars (Order of Friars Minor).

The Franciscan Friars (OFM) where founded by Saint Francis of Assisi in 1209. Originally Irish friars came to Australia as individual priests to serve Catholics in Australia but in 1879 the Friars were given an area in eastern Sydney to establish a Franciscan Mission. Paddington, Edgecliff and the Waverley Parishes were all part of the original Franciscan Mission area. 

In 1939 the Australian Franciscans were established as a Province.

The Franciscan walk following in the footsteps of Christ. Amongst them are saints such as St Clare, St Anthony of Padua and St Bonaventure. Others such as St Thomas More were secular Franciscans.

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Franciscan Prayers and Writing

Franciscan BooksThe Irish Franciscans have a great collection of Saint Francis' prayers and devotions practised by the Franciscan. Br Matthew Hufer in Brisbane produces a blog on Franciscan writings: The Hill. Another popular Franciscan writer is Br Richard Rohr from the USA. The Maltese Franciscan Province i-tau website has a broad range of resource for Franciscan studies.

In Australia the Franciscans have a great resource in the Franciscan Library at St Paschals, Vic.

Ask a Friar about their favourite writers on Franciscan spirituality, history and theology.

Franciscan Family Links

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The Secular Franciscans


Franciscans in the Holy Land

The Franciscans have a special mission of care for the Holy Land

Franciscans at the United Nations

The Franciscans family has a presence at the United Nations defending the interests of the poor and vunerable. Franciscans International