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The links below direct readers to sources for Franciscan reflections, history and spirituality and life today.

Australian Franciscan Province

AusFranThe Franciscan Friars of Australia, Aotearoa-New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei are a group of men commited to living togther the simple life of the Gospel in the footsteps of St Francis of Assisi.

They form the Franciscan Province of the Holy Spirit which is part of the international brotherhood of the Order of Friars Minor founded by St Francis of Assisi.

Friars Minor - International Website

OFMWEBThe Order of Friars Minor has an international website ( shows all the news and activities of the Order and some of the key documents for the Franciscan movement


Franciscan Study House - Yarra Theological Union


Yarra Theological Union (YTU) is the theological study house of the Franciscans in Australia. It is run jointly with the Passionists, Missionaires of the Sacred Heart, Divine Word Missionaires, Redemptorists, Pallotines and Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament. YTU courses are held within the grounds the St Paschal College Friary.

YTU is part of the MCD University of Divinity.

MCD University of Divinity is an ecumenical body which brings together the Christion denominations in study of the scriptures and what it means to be a Christian in Australia today. Sponsoring denomination include Catholics, the Salvation Army, Baptists, Lutheran and Anglicans.

Yarra Theological Union Website

MCD University of Divinity website


St Paschal Library - The Franciscan Library of Australia

StPaschalLibSt Paschal Library is the provincial library of the Order of Friars Minor, Holy Spirit Province, Australia. It is the main resource centre for Franciscan studies within Australia.

The library is also the main campus library for the Yarra Theological Union, one of the Recognized Teaching Institutions of the MCD University of Divinity.

St Paschal Library

The Franciscans and the Holy Land

Holy Land

The Franciscans have had a special connection with the Holy Land since their foundation. This comes from special focus St Francis had on the Incarnation, Jesus is God made man who lived and walked this earth. 

The Franciscans of the Holy Land Custudy are not only guardians of the sites that mark the life of Jesus but look after the Christians of the Holy Land in parishes, school and providing welfare services. The Friars are responsible internationally for the Good Friday collection which supports the Christian community in the Holy Land.

The Holy Land Custody looks after shrines in Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Jordan, Cyprus and the island of Rhodes.

Ask Fr Paul about his love and experiences in the Holy Land.