Holy Communion

First Holy Communion will be celebrated at St Francis of Assisi Church, Paddington on Saturday 17th June 2017. An Enrolment Form can be downloaded as a PDF document here.


  • Children have celebrated Baptism and Reconciliation
  • Children are in year Three or Older
  • Baptism Certificate to be presented
  • Preparation Evenings to be attended by at least one parent/carer


First Communion Parent and Student Information Evenings will be held:

Monday 22nd May 2017 6:00pm St Francis of Assisi School Hall 

June 5th 2017 6.00pm St Francis Church

Rehearsal Evening in Church

Friday 16th June 2017 4:30pm St Francis of Assisi Church

First Holy Communion Celebration

Saturday 17th June 2017 5:30pm in St Francis of Assisi Church.

For all children who do not attend St Francis of Assisi School, please call the Parish Office on 9331 4043 and the necessary form will be sent out to you.