Paddington: Saturdays, 4.45 - 5.15 pm in time to finish before the 5.30 pm Mass.

Edgecliff: Mondays after the 7am Mass, and Fridays after the 5.30 pm Mass.

Second Rite: When advertised during Advent and Lent

First Reconciliation - An Enrolment Form can be downloaded as a PDF document here.



  • Children to have been Baptised
  • Children to be in Year 2 or above at school. 
  • Children's Baptism Certificate must be provided with the enrolment form if sacraments have not been celebrated at either St Francis of Assisi or St Joseph parishes  
  • The Parent and Student Preparation Evening must be attended by the child and at least one parent/carer.

Parent and Student Preparation Evening

6:00pm, Monday 28 May 2018 

St Francis of Assisi Primary School Hall, 64 Gordon Street Paddington

First Reconciliation

6:00pm Monday 18 June 2018

St Francis of Assisi Church, 463 Oxford Street, Paddington

If your child does not attend St Francis of Assisi Primary School, please call the Parish Office on 9331 4043 to discuss enrolment.