Can you volunteer to help us keep our community COVID-Safe

Due to current restriction on places of worship and in order to be compliant with the guidelines provided by the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney we currently require at least two volunteers are present at each Mass time to ensure that our COVID-Safe plan is adhered to.

The responsibilities of volunteers includes:
1. Ensuring all those who enter the Church have provided their name and contact details
2. Facilitating the required social distancing between parishioners.
3. Having all parishioners sanitise their hands on entry.
4. Reminding parishioners to please wear a mask – and providing a mask where one is needed.
5. Ensuring that the maximum person limit is strictly adhered to.
6. Sanitising the church after Mass is concluded.

Without these volunteers we would not be able to continue to celebrate Mass in our community – the role they have played during the time of the pandemic is invaluable.

We need additional volunteers to join our COVID-Safe group. You do not need to be available every weekend as we are in need of people who are willing to be reserves. If you can help please contact us via email or by calling our office on 93314043 and speaking to Ruth.

For a complete list of the responsibilities of our volunteers please download the Volunteer Checklist above.