The 2020 Plenary Council

Spirituality in the Pub: Paddington

7 October, 7.30pm – 9pm (Zoom Room open from 7.15pm)

“We cannot go on the way we have …..We must humbly and boldly address the biggest challenge of our time and build a healthier church for future generations.”

Vincent Long

So with those words ringing in our ears, we invite you – ensconced on your sofas – to join our two speakers, Geraldine Doogue AO and Fr Michael Whelan sm in what is the writing of the next chapter in our Spirituality on the Sofa adventure.

Please click the button at the top of this page. This should take your straight to the meeting, you may need to say ‘yes’ in a dialogue box to open zoom meetings. The room opens at 7:15pm on the night.

Alternatively if you have the Zoom app, launch it and you will need to put in the Meeting ID: 833 7983 9671  and Password: 996006

So this is our plan:

Date & time of SIP/S.O.S: 7 October, 7.30pm – 9pm (our regular SIP starting and finishing times) with an invitation to join the Zoom room from 7.15pm. We will follow in the main, our pretty regular format.  

Our MC for the evening, Susan Eichorn will invite all guests to mute themselves.  Susan will share with us a brief bio of our speakers who will then be invited to present their thoughts and reflections, each for about 20 minutes  – without any interruption from the floor

The gathering will then be opened up to general conversation when, as is our wont, those “attending” will be invited to make comments and ask questions – either by physically raising your hand or using the icon of a waving hand. This will be controlled by Susan or Bob who will “un-mute” one by one, each of the people who had indicated that they would like to join in the conversation. Each of the speakers will then be invited to respond.   

It is important to realise that, just as when we are “live” in our regular venue, it isn’t necessary for  everyone to make a verbal contribution.  I think we all know that the ability to listen is the anchor of good, probing conversation. 

The gathering will not be recorded – in keeping with our tradition of trying to model a “dinner party” sort of conversation

Now: for those of you who don’t have the appropriate technology or can’t participate in the Zoom session because of other commitments, you can download the ‘bookclub’ attachment here.

Once again in SIP/S.O.S “bookclub”mode, perhaps after personal reflection, you might like to link up with some friends/other SIPpers to prompt a conversation in a small Zoom session or other way.  As a postscript to this missive, you will find a few suggested questions which might guide you a bit in your reflections.

And finally – Be happy SIPing!

Marea , on behalf of the Paddington SIP Organising Group