Time and Talent Form

Dear parishioner, let us begin to renew our parish life.
I propose we engage fellow parishioners in conversation and discern the needs of the people here and work towards a vision for our two parishes.
I am inviting you to share the responsibility with me in reorganising our parishes. We have gifts and talents, I encourage you to look through the list, find your areas of giftedness and interest.
Indicate your interests in either learning more about or participating in. You may also fill the form with any suggestions or areas that parishes need to focus on.
God gifts each of us differently, but EVERYONE has gifts that can be used to the glory of God.
Please consider and commit a few hours of your time weekly or monthly to share with us in volunteer capacity or as fellow pilgrims in social/spiritual context.
Looking Forward to receiving your feedback and suggestions, Fr Anthoni Selvaraj ofm

Please download the form and return to [email protected] or to the parish office.